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Architectural services

Our architects are on hand to advise and design you project or scheme. we have experience in a wide range of areas and within our serve we work on…

  • New Builds
  • Extensions
  • Conversions
  • Interior Design
  • Remodelling
  • Refurbishing
  • Residential Development
  • Home Improvement
  • Commercial Property
  • Hospitality Refurbishment
  • Hotel Enhancement & Expansion
  • Property Condition Reports
  • feasibility and costings

within our service we offer our clients a full package of costings and ensure we can make sure our clients have all the information they should have before undertaking their project.

How do i choose the right architect for me ?

Here at Supply My we know that choosing the right architect is just as important as the right builder, when choosing the right person to recommend to you we look at the following.


  • What is the project type ?
  • How much experience does the client have with building ?
  • What is the clients budget ?
  • Location of clients project ?


Once we understand the following we then work with our clients to match them with someone who can deliver their requirements and form a good working partnership with the client .

Supply My only work with experienced, qualified and insured professionals who ensure all legislation and requirements are met when working with our clients .


Choosing the right Architect …..

Should any of our clients require someone not linked with our company we would strongly recommend using R.I.B.A ( Royal Institute of British Architects) find an architect tool.

or you can also checkout your recommended architect on the ARB Register

Never should anyone look to use what we class as bedroom architects who are charging small fees as this could result in:

  • compromising your build
  • Misleading measurements and information
  • loss of time on site trying to correct bad designs and read plans
  • legally not covered if they are not registered or insured

What separates a good architect from a bad one ?

  • Should be registered with a professional governing body
  • They will have the correct insurances
  • Can provide you with references from previous clients
  • Should have a good relationship with local authorities
  • Provide you with proof of qualifications

Just some of the the things to look and ask for when looking to appoint an Architect.

Do i need Planning or can can we build under Permitted Development ?

Under new relax laws it has become easier to build but you should always check either with an architect , planners or you can check out the planning portal for more information

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