Here at Supply My we have over 20 years experience working with brick, we ditribute  products from manufactures such as  Ibstock, Terca ,Hanson and many more..

We can offer our clients a wide range of options and choices when choosing which Brick to use, with 100s to choose from we an advise our clients on what brick they could use that is either a good match for the existing property or blending in within the surrounding area.

Special Shaped Bricks 

We offer a full range of special shaped bricks, we’re able to offer a bespoke cut and bond service using the very latest in cutting technology, creating  wide range of special shaped bricks.

Here at Supply My we are on hand to ensure that our bricklayers and customers have the right angles and shapes needed to complete any masonry of brick detail.

All our cut and bond bricks are put together here in Manchester and we can usually turnaround orders within a 3-5 working day depending on quantity, location and brick availability.

For more information on different types of shaped bricks one of our suplliers Terca have more of a visual detail.

Here at Supply My we offer a free brick matching service throughout  the UK  for more information call us on 01616221700.

Once we have matched your property or building we can offer our clients a sample of the intended brick before order, when matching bricks its important to know that you have the right supplier looking after your requirements.

we always look at size,color, texture and  ensure you have the best match where possible

One thing to remember is due to the nature of how brick are produced you nearer rely get the same brick every time, this is why when ordering brick its important to order the full quantity that is required at once and always blend from as many packs as possible.

Supply My have a wide range of block types to choose from what ever the requirement we can often hand you the solution to you structural , acoustic , thermal or fire requirements.

Block work is a common building product used in traditional building methods found in commercial and residential building projects.

Supply My work closely with some of the biggest and smallest manufactures throughout the UK enabling us to deliver block throughout the UK.

Block work comes in all different sizes, color , strength and finish here at Supplymy we can supply you with :

  • Solid Blocks
  • Airated Blocks
  • Ashler Blocks
  • Hollow Blocks
  • Insulated Blocks
  • Hemp Blocks
  • Light Weight Blocks
  • Paint Grade Blocks
  • Foundation Blocks

When choosing the right block for your build its important to ensure that the block is fit for purpose as part of the building fabric we have a possibility to make our buildings thermally efficient.


What is a U – value calculation ?
A u-value is used to asses heat loss through floors,walls and roofs so we ensure that as well as using the correct insulation, plasterboard you are using the correct block also.


When working with us we can help you with calculations like this  so If you are struggling for what block to choose for your project please get in touch with the team who can help 0161 622 1700

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