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Here at Supply My we have everything you need to cover all types of Concrete and Screeding projects, Using the very latest technology we are able to batch and deliver your product to any where within the UK. due to our extensive range of suppliers 

Concrete is made up of 3 main elements aggregate,water and cement depending on strength and project requirements we can make your mix anyway your structural engineer has requested and we can add additives to help with strength, protection and curing times.

As well as organizing your concrete deliveries we can also arrange means of getting it where it needs to go, we provide the trade daily with concrete pumping and wheel barrow service to help distribute the mix to the required location helping save time and money,

Concrete Products :

Concrete with fibers – give strength to the concrete resulting in replacing traditional steel mesh.

Water proof and water tight concrete – another solution we offer to our customers for specified works

Optiflo & Optiflo X  – This high speed solution helps with finishing concrete slabs resulting in less time, labour and hire equipment , this liquid type material is self leveling and requires no vibration.

Fast Set Concrete – Does what it says its designed to give you the time you need for leveling and  finishing but speeds up the setting time within hours still giving you the strength and finish you require

What to expect when ordering these products from our team !!

  • When placing an order we ensure you understand the questions we are asking.
  • At Supply My all our customers are important to us and all orders are processed with care and attention
  • When receiving the order we will always repeat and read back your order ensuring your order is correct
  • You should not worry about placing late orders we will always try to accommodate where possible

What Screeds do we offer :

  • Standard Screed – our most common screed used in majority of builds
  • Premier Screed –  used within more commercial sectors offering quicker drying times
  • Fiber Screed –  is produced to help strengthen the product and combats against shrinkage, cracking and other issues found in traditional methods
  • Polymer Screed – provides clients with a screed that is often used for infilling, flooring underlay creating levels and falls and has more benefits than traditional screeds
  • Advance Rapid Screed –  is a new rapid semi dry and and cement screed for time sensitive projects, once laid this drys out at 3mm per day speeding up the process so a typical 3″ (75mm) screed can be ready in 25 days ready to cover with your clients choice of floor

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