Here at Supply My we have everything you need to cover all types of Lintels and steel projects, Using the very latest products and technology,  we are able to deliver your products to any where within the UK. due to our extensive range of suppliers 

Working with suppliers like IG, Catnic, Birtley, Naylors ,Pickfords and more we are able to provide the right product to do the right job, manufactures like these have years of experience in manufacturing and designing all different types of products to suit all residential and commercial projects..

As well as ensuring you have the right products we can also help you with such things as product training, system installation, onsite support and even more

What to expect when ordering these products from our team !!

  • When placing an order we ensure you understand the questions we are asking.
  • At Supply My all our customers are important to us and all orders are processed with care and attention
  • When receiving the order we will always repeat and read back your order ensuring your order is correct
  • You should not worry about placing late orders we will always try to accommodate where possible

What Lintels & Steel do we offer :

  • Galvanized Lintels
  • Stainless Steel
  • Concrete Lintels
  • Padstones
  • Thermally Broken Lintels
  • Special Lintels
  • Steelwork and Fabrication


All these different types of steels and lintels are used daily in commercial and residential properties to give buildings a greater thermal value strength and support for help with takeoffs specification and lintel prices and scheduling you van contact us on 0161 622 1700

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