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Whatever the reason, if it’s a property that requires modernizing, restoring refurbishing or extending its what we do existing do, with our experience and design ideas we add space and can often transform properties into more creative, modern and spacious living areas.

Whether you are looking to extend in the same style or add a contemporary design idea, there are many ideas we bring to your project.

We also ensure you understand your project by keeping you updated all the way through the build. Having decided that you need to improve your home and create that extra space there are always a multiple of options to choose from its just about finding the right solution that suits your home and budget.

What do extensions cost?

Depending on the size and finish of your extension there are many builders who still operate on a m2 build cost for standard residential builds depending on the quality of builder, the products and materials you use current costs are around £1500 per m2 plus vat.

What sort of extensions are available -?

  • Side Extension
  • Single Story Extension
  • Double Extensions
  • Wrap-around Extensions


How do i know if i need planning?

using a simple tool you can check on the planning portal that will give you the information you require

What is the process for an extension?

Choosing to have an extension is a great way or creating more space but like anything they take planning and careful decision making as this can be a costly process. Due to rising costs within the housing market it often is more cost effective to improve rather move

Our step-by-step will guide you through the process and help you with advice and guidance.


  1. When deciding to Deciding what extension you may want its always good to seek the advice of a local architect who can offer you advice on what is achievable given the constraints of A) your property and B) your budget (see-our find tradesman/service for an architect)
  2. Your architect should be able to give you the information you need but its also important to know that when doing an extension, its very simple to go double story due to the most expensive elements being done like the Foundations and Roofing.
  3. when working out budgets it’s also important to realize below why a builder may charge more ie is the site of the new extension easily accessible or will it require more labour to move material.
  4. you should always consider things like nearby rivers, trees, services ground conditions as this to could have an impact on the budget
  5. again our service can help you budget for all these and then it’s just a case of how you decide to finance your project some people often use savings or you can choose to use facilities like interest free credit cards which may work for small extension but for larger ones you may look for a personnel loan or a mortgage.
  6. once you have your funds in place you can press forward and start your process by this point if you haven’t already enlisted the help of a qualified, insured experienced architect you should do now as you will need things like drawings, submissions and structural calculations to be able to get a builder to price properly and build from
  7. Planning this often takes between 6-12 weeks in most circumstances, difficult cases and applications may take longer, if you decide to have a build within permitted development you can build under a building notice which your architect or builder can arrange.
  8. Now that everything has been passed you should create a full tender pack for your builders to price that include all drawings and any optional extras you may require it’s important to decide exactly what you require before progressing with the build.
  9. Finally, it’s time to get a price here at Supply my we work with some of the best builders in greater Manchester who have the experience, knowledge and infrastructure to deliver your project we always recommend getting 2 or 3 prices to compare. Our find a tradesman tool can help you with this search 
  10. Your chosen contractor now should supply you with a plan of action which is known as a schedule of works and a payment schedule  a builder should charge you no more than 20 % deposit  if they do you will have to ensure you are covered and have receipt of payment and the payment plan should run alongside the schedule of works so you know that what you are paying is happening or as happened .
  11. Also, you should ensure you have a signed contract and have a copy of your contractors public liability and insurances.
  12. now your builder is ready to start the contractor should work to his or hers schedule of works and deliver your project on time and on budget unless there are any unforeseen issues or additions anything like this should be priced and agreed before pressing on.

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