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If you are considering expanding your property and wondering how best to utilize the space around you, a loft conversion could be the answer.

Building upwards can be one of the most cost-effective ways of creating more space in the home. Small loft conversions and loft conversions on a larger scale are increasingly popular choices for homeowners looking to find extra living room without having to move home.

There are multiple options to choose from when looking at converting roof space, using variuse types of products and designs you can improve your space by:

Having Velux type loft conversion, this requires no significant structural alteration to the roof or roof line, minimising disruption and being a quick and easy way to add extra space to your home. use space saving stair designs along with roof type windows that provide natural light to your new room.







Dormer Conversion

By maximising head height, a dormer loft conversion creates a wonderful additional storey to a house.

With vertical windows and more head height in the area of the dormer, the room will have the space to move around easily, and the versatility to function as a bedroom, office etc.

In 2008 new regulations were introduced which allow many more dormers to be built without Planning Permission, which means you could add the large room more quickly and at less cost than before.






Attic roof truss conversions

The huge advantage of the traditional purlin and spar roof was the fact that it provided clear space within the attic that could easily be converted for use as living space.

The attic truss, however, provides that option by doing away with the ‘W’-shaped supports within the main triangle and replacing them with upright supports close to the eaves, together with a cross tie support at what would be ceiling level. Effectively this creates an open space along the length of the roof with sloping ceilings to the occupation section, together with eaves storage.

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