• Fibrelite Blocks 440X215

    FIBOLITE is an ultra lightweight load bearing block manufactured from Plasmor’s own man-made expanded clay. Expanded clay nodules are produced by sophisticated pyrogenic technology whereby geochemically specific clay is expanded in a rotary kiln at high temperature. The clay nodule is an extremely lightweight granule with a hard vitrified outer shell and an air filled honeycombed inner.

    FIBOLITE blocks are extremely lightweight offer one hand lift laying have excellent thermal efficiency values provide an ideal key for plaster/render and accept fixings readily. FIBOLITE blocks are especially suitable for house building extensions repair maintenance and refurbishment projects. The majority of the blocks in the FIBOLITE range comply with the 20kg single lift requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

  • Thermalite/Toplite/Celcon Trench Block

    This 300mm block means you can build your foundation in one wall with no backfilling needed, lighter than a traditional dense block for ease of use, speed of laying and easier cutting.

    • Extremely versatile
    • Water resistant
    • Frost resistant
    • Infill for beam and block floors
  • Thermalite/Toplite/Celcon Aerated Block

    Aerated Block

    Good levels of thermal conductivity are combined with load bearing strength and low weight to provide a truly versatile range of materials.

    • Good durability is afforded by aircretes unique micro-cellular structure, enabling them to be used for walls above and below ground.
    • The most appropriate grade of block can be selected taking into account strength, thermal insulation and density requirements.

    This solid, dense concrete block  is suitable for cavity or solid wall constructions, internal load bearing walls and beam and block flooring. Water resistant with sound insulation properties.

    • Creates a good base for fixings
    • Suitable for internal and external use
    • Resistant to fire and sound
    • BBA approved
    • Conforms to BS EN ISO 9001
    • Complies with BS EN 771-3

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